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>> 18 FEBRUARY 2015 <<

Central Otago, every time I go there I say to my husband "it’s like we are literally driving through a painting!” I am grateful he does not mind stopping every 3 minutes so I can take yet another photo. The endless gravel roads, which feel as though they take you nowhere…but strangely everywhere you would rather be. Rebecca and Jason live here, Ranfurly to be exact, (the lucky things) and chose this place to be married. With this breathtaking landscape as your backyard, why would you choose anywhere else? This design was created with the luxury of letterpress for these two incredibly gorgeous country lovebirds, fitting for this country affair. Enjoy these photographic frames xox


~ Collection design ~


>> 13 FEBRUARY 2015 <<


Have you taken the time to stop and smell the roses today, or any of the beautiful summer flora that is blooming at the moment? If not, well my giddy aunt you better! Something about walking passed all the classic beautiful colours and fragrance that just makes you breath and smile, thinking about all the beauty that is right in front of you. I am guessing this is how Thomas felt when he saw his Bride Rebecca walking down the aisle towards him (great segue if I might say so). I designed this flora design for Rebecca and Thomas for their earthy but classic wedding. Flowers have been around forever, making someone’s day that extra special, especially on those super important days that include vows. This design is now part of the ever-growing collection. So go on, get out there, smell those roses! Enjoy these photographic frames xox


~ Collection design ~


>> 13 JANUARY 2015 <<

A definition of organic ~ living, formed naturally, nothing artificial. Now doesn’t that sound very similar to how you would like the foundations of a marriage to start, I think yes. That along with love, respect and care of course, which I guess some keen plant growers would say is also what you need to grow the best plants. No wonder the earthy organic trend is a main style feature in many weddings. This Garlands design was made for clients with this theory in mind. Getting married in earthy surroundings like on a family farm can really give a sense of your roots, who you are and the natural strength of your relationship. Nature was with us as kids, swinging it the trees, making flower chains in the paddock and so on. I guess this is why many swoon over the idea of getting married under the trees, in the gardens and amongst grapevines, its just natural. So swing from the garlands people and be in LOVE will ya!! This design is now part of the ever-growing collection. Enjoy these photographic frames xox


~ Collection design ~


>> 24 NOVEMBER 2014 <<

Hi there Ladies and Gents, Feathers and Mustache’s, Tassel’s and Stripes…you can tell what era I’ve been swooning over the last few days! Some how while being consumed by the tornado of the wedding season and deep breathing through the mess of living in a renovation with no roof….I have found a pinch of time to bring together this 1930’s design.  Inspired while swaying in my desk chair and some terrible vocals listening to the gorgeous sound of Ella Fitzgerald and Louise Armstrong, ‘Feathers and Gold’ was born. All mashed together, an ensemble of mint and sparkling gold, crystal and black and white photos. Not to mention my beloved 1930’s type writer finally made it’s début , such a super star! Here’s hoping this style shoot takes you back to sipping Champaign sauces while fox trotting to the Gramophone and saying things like ‘Right you are old boy’– Enjoys these photographic frames! X


~ Collection design ~


~ 28 AUGUST 2014 ~

If you haven’t visited Waiheke Island yet, then I suggest you get your lovely selves on that boat pronto! You are missing a truly jaw dropping slice of NZ. I explain it to others as Fiji, with Pohutukawa trees. I was super duper lucky to be involved with the Waiheke Wedding Fair last year and so I told the hubby "We are off for a working holiday weekend!” We loaded up the truck with all my trinkets, vintage ladders and blackboards and off we went! We walked the white sand beaches, visited wineries and ate too much good local food. But the best part about this place, are the people, everyone we met were the kindest, beautiful, fun loving creative bunch, the wedding industry there is such a well-oiled community. I guess this is what island life does to you. Well I think my husband lost count on the way home on the ferry of how many times I asked, "Can we move there!!!” I fell for that place and maybe I cannot move there but I decided to put this love and passion into a design. This design takes me right back, the ferry trip, the mind blowing views, happiness and sense of freedom and easy going-ness. Any Waiheke bride and groom are extremely lucky, not only do you get to be married in this crazy beautiful place but you will be looked after by all the amazingly beautiful vendors there – lucky things!! Ok, swooning is over. This design is now available on the ever growing WMC range. 

Enjoy these photographic frames – Bon voyage!! X  

~ Collection design ~


~ 13 AUGUST 2014 ~

We all have a little bohemian hippy child inside us go on admit it! This design was inspired by childhood memories of loving 

 dream catchers and bomb fires on the beach! I ventured into a little styling to put you in the boho zone, with blooms, feathers, antlers and 

my new golden friend named 'Harry' who appears a lot because I just love him and his sparkly-ness! 

This design is now part of the ever growing WMC collection.

Enjoy these photographic frames and remember... peace and love xx

~ Collection design ~


~ 30 JULY 2014 ~ 


Thought I would kick things off with a punch of colour and sparkle and a feeling of celebration! 

With water colour goodness, this design makes me want to pop party poppers and shout "HOORAY!" Such fun! 

This design now has a home on the ever growing WMC range. Enjoy these photographic frames x


 ~  JULY 28 2014 ~

Finally folks, I'm doing it! Welcome to the best blog you've seen all minute! Although this all might seem a bit fancy, I am a regular wedding enthusiast with an urge to design. Running a business, juggling life, a house build, an over hypoactive Border Collie and generally failing at keeping the house clean, the kitchen often sees better days (but the lounge looks ok). What I enjoy the most and that I am thankful for is being able to set the sense through stationery design for an epic day in your life. So I hope to be showing stationery designs with some near amateur photo work, amongst any other bursts of wedding or generally celebration inspiration that I stumble across. Rito, here we go! x

Me and  Mr Winston taking a break from the studio xox